The 4th Michigan Volunteers in Periodicals 1861 - 1866

The 4th Michigan crossing at the Battle of New Bridge, Virginia

from an original issue of June 21, 1862 issue of  "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper"

George Wilkinson / Dave Prince Collection


       The Fourth Michigan Infantry found it's name in print several times during the War Between the States. In fact, there are several articles from various periodicals that have become available, and it is our intention to post them on this page for historical and scholastic review. They will be posted here on a revolving basis, so visit us often. Please remember that these articles, like everything else on this website, are not to be reproduced without the consent from myself, George Wilkinson, and the individuals that have graciously submitted them for us to share. Please contact us at if you have a request or have something that you wish to shar




       Our first article concerns Capt. De Goyer's capture during the battle of "1st Bull Run" and his escape from a Confederate prison after the battle.Based on his description of the Confederate prison, it likely that he escaped from Libby Prison in Richmond Virginia.


Michigan Argus  Newspaper

September 6, 1861

reprint of an article and correspondence in the Washington Sunday Chronicle

August 25, 1862

( from the David Prince Collection)




Lt. James M. Redfield Newspaper Articles

Sgt. / 2nd Lt. 4th Michigan Company A


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